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Saturday, May 08, 2004  

Falling of a log – It’s Miniature of Europe time. This time MacShame on business in the enlarged EU

Denis MacShane has had a hard time of late, and for that deserves sympathy. But when he talks drivel on the part of his master – the grinning ninny – then one has to take him to task. The ex-public school Oxbridge chappy is a former BBC producer and head of the NUJ is now lecturing business about seizing opportunity.


On 12 May, business leaders from across the UK will meet their counterparts from the new EU countries to ensure UK PLC benefits from the addition of 100 million people to the newly enlarged Single Market.

As businessmen they have never considered doing this before – but had to wait until the Government organised a meeting for them. The countless joint ventures that already exist pale into nothing after this tax-payer funded boondoggle.

The trade implications for both sides are so great that finance and foreign ministers from the UK and new EU countries will also be involved, including Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and Secretary of State for Trade and Industry Patricia Hewitt as well as the President of Latvia Mrs Vaira Vike-Freiberga.

Oh I am sure that Footsie Chairmen are quaking in the face of such importance.

Europe Minister Denis MacShane said: 'The newly-enlarged EU will see an expansion of Europe's collective brainpower. The new EU countries have been responsible for a wealth of inventions, ideas and creative talent, from the Rubik cube to the car seatbelt to Chopin. By tapping into these new markets, all Britain's professions stand to benefit. We are already seeing many partnerships between Britain and the new EU countries in fields such as architecture, sport, the arts and science.'

Eh? So before joining the EU they had no brains? Didn’t know how to use them? I really cannot workout what he is suggesting here, but I guess I should let it pass and file it under ‘bizarre statements’. He sort of admits this by saying that we already dealing with theses strange ex-foriegners. Or did all these partnerships bloom since May 1st? Dunno.

'A Single Market of 450 million people offers more customers and suppliers for Britain's products and services. From clothing designers to environmental consultants, under EU rules, British entrepreneurs can trade on a level playing field across twenty-five countries.'

Again, it is if we were not trading with these guys before hand, what tommy-rot. I guess we don’t trade with Norway, Switzerland, the US, sod it anywhere apart from the EU. British business wants to trade globally, inside and outside the EU. That is what the WTO should be for, well should be if it isn’t continually scuppered by the EU’s refusal to play fair over agricultural products and the like.
During the day, at a FCO/CBI conference, delegates will discuss economic reform and the drive to make the Single Market the most dynamic and competitive in the world.
He he he. Oh yes the Lisbon agenda, the most competitive industrial zone in the world in 10 years, heh heh heh.

'London is the financial asset of all of Europe and the City looks forward to a two-way learning relationship that will bring greater prosperity and stability for all. The City believes this prosperity will be achieved through the integration of the new financial markets and the development of Europe as an efficient and competitive place to do business - and many here are working hard towards this.'

Hold on, isn’t that a red line you are breaking there. Now I know the Constitution wants the energy assets of the North Sea as a common ‘European strategic asset’, but wait a minute. I don’t remember anyone suggesting that London is anything other than London, the capital city of the UK. It is not, never has been and, I hope never will be a ‘financial asset of all of Europe’. Can anybody point me in the direction where that has been debated, agreed, suggested desired by anybody in the UK? Please.

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