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Friday, May 14, 2004  

Eu-Referendum flags up an interesting position from the leaders of Frankenriech,


Chirac and Schröder, on the other hand, seem to be content to inhabit their own private little planet. After their love-in today at the Elysée Palace, they came out beaming, to declare their confidence in the “project”.

"I can't imagine that the constitution, this important work of European unification, might not be approved" by parliamentary vote or referendum in EU member states, Schröder told a joint press conference, demonstrating that, in and amongst his other many failures, he was also a man of very little imagination.

It what rapidly became an epidemic of imagination failure, Chirac chipped in with the royal “we”, adding, "We can't imagine that such a situation would occur." Schröder then capped it all by saying that, "We must devote all of our energy to help ensure that these referendums pass”, which is a bit rich when neither he nor Chirac – yet – are having referendums.

So those great defenders of democracy and pluralism will be concentrating their political efforts on winning referenda in foriegn countries. Funny I thought there were rules, spoken and unspoken about that sort of thing. I take it they will be supporting the coalition in trying to create a democracy in a foriegn land, now they support political intervention abroad themselves.

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