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Friday, April 16, 2004  

Update on Dutroux Story

The magazine was removed from the shops because it showed 4 pictures from the autopsy of the dead girls. The parents of those girls requested and were granted an injunction against us.
Well, to an extent fair enough, the sight of the bodies of their daughters in the public print must have been ghastly in the extreme. There was no intention on our part to exacerbate the pain. But the claims in the more hysterical parts of the Belgian press that this was done solely for money misses the point to a large degree. As has been accepted by the broadsheets – at least the Flemish broadsheets there was a very serious point to our publication of those photos.
That is that they show the level of torture that the girls had undergone. This raises the very important question. Essentially did they die of thirst or hunger as has been believed for the last 7 years supported by the testimony of a policeman who claimed to have heard them in Dutroux’s cellar – or did they die in the beating they received? This is a question that has never been asked, either in court or elsewhere. The policeman now admits that he did not hear them after evidence came out that he was a known associate of the paedophile gang.
If this is the case then who did kill them?

On a different level, only one Belgian newspaper did not carry the story yesterday. La Libre Belgique, a catholic paper.
Funnily enough instead of the Sprout story – and I discover that our website has now been disabled – they ran a story about Melchior Wathelet resigning from the list to become an MEP in June. It was Wathelet who let Dutroux out early, it was he whose action sacking a magistrate caused 300,000 people to march through Brussels. It was he who was promoted, and sent to be a judge at the European Court of Justice. I was he who we wrote an article about pointing out his (possible) links to paedophiles himself.

Nice timing Melchior.

It seems that website went down due to weight of hits - my paranoia can take a back seat now

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