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Friday, April 09, 2004  

The strange things you find on the web. Part 7,564

Surfing lazily this morning I discovered this. Now The idea of a Samoan Nazi party is weird in itself. But it seems that the New Zealand police chief on Island had his eye on the ball. He was a former circus master and Mississippi River boat gambler by the name of Arthur Braisby and seemed to enjoy the job.
Braisby, who seemed to know everything, reported to Wellington that the Samoan Nazi's were bothered by the Arian standards required by Berlin. "To overcome this difficulty various debates have taken place among the Samoan Nazi's, and reference made to various anthropology authorities with the object of proving that Polynesian natives are not what is considered as coloured Negroid," Braisby reported to Wellington. "They appear to be having some difficulty in this direction, but the issue is so important to them that their hard work, talk and beer enter into their efforts. They persevere. The subject of this extraordinary discussion is watched with humorous interest by the German Concordia group, who, for the moment, may be considered to be the non-Nazi group."

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