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Saturday, April 24, 2004  

"It's scary and Belgian"

Stephen Pollard hits the nail on the head about the activities of the Bel;gian state, and by extension the sort of thing that may well happen across the EU.
Though most would dispute the political position of the Vlaams Blok, it is imparative to dispute the position rather than resort to banning them outright. This is a party with almost 50% support in Antwerp, if they are to be banned from standing in the forthcoming regional and European Election then a grave disservice to democracy is at hand.
Tolerance is not about accepting things with which you agree. Thus 'I am happy for gay men to marry' is no statement of tolerance. For I have no problems with homosexuality. No toleration measns allowing things to exist with which one has huge problems. Things which one disagrees with passionately, but accept their right to exist.
If the Belgian political establishment cannot defeat these people with plain arguement hgen things are far worse here than I imagined.

posted by Eliab | 10:53 am
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