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Friday, April 02, 2004  

Cox's comedy

Pat Cox, the European Parliament's own Gay Byrne and president has come out all guns blazing over the media enquiry into MEPs ripping off their expense claims.

"I refuse to accept, as President of this Parliament, that we, the elected Members of this House, suffer from some kind of collective guilt. We do not need to be presumed guilty if we do not individually establish our innocence"

The issue came to a head in the biggest country in the EU when Mr Martin claimed to have evidence that 57 German MEPs were among those claiming expenses falsely - in all he says, he has evidence of 7,200 cases.

He also made the astonishing statement

"The German media, of all the media in Europe, should know in their hearts that collective guilt cannot be visited upon any people or any institution".

What Pat didn't realise and I do, is that this morning The Bild turned up at the Strasbourg parliament and checked the signing in register and then spent the morning looking for those members who had signed in (and were thus eligable for 180 pounds attendance allowance). I do not know how meny members they have caught out, but Pat has made alot of serious enemies in the German press.

This is the story that Hans-Martin Tillack was working on when he was arrested (see below).

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