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Wednesday, March 03, 2004  

Unicef, or suffer the little children

I was dashing across town yesterday to attend a meeting of the Turgot Institute with Fred Smith - more about that later, when I was brought up short by a poster in a shop-window near the Merode tube-station in the posh part of Brussels.

The poster was for a joint concert event organised by and for UNICEF.
The big Ariel Bold strapline across the top of the ad went as follows.


Now I am a mild mannered man, in the Rex Harrison sort of mould, but I was nearly moved to put a brick through their window. (It was only because I was in a rush and because the shopkeeper probably doesn?t even look at the posters he puts in his window that stayed my hand).

This piece of despicable advertising just has to be challenged. The thought that an UN agency - albeit funded by donations- supports such counter productive and nigh on evil misinformation is a disgrace. Any serious study of the fate of millions of children and for that matter adults in the developing world will show you that rather than killing children trade lifts them out of poverty and starvation, puts them into schools, provides medicines - dammit I could go on. Far better to direct you to the CNE's seminal paper on the subject.
EU Trade Barriers Kill, by Stephen Pollard, Alberto Mingardi, Cecile Phillipe and Sean Gabb.
If you are as pissed off as I am about this you might want to get in touch with Unicef Belgium and let them know.

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