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Thursday, March 25, 2004  

Hans Martin Tillack update

Today Hans-Martin has an amusing piece in the Wall Street Journal Europe. (Behind a pay per view firewall so I will not link).
In it he makes a few pertinant observations. First on the what they have taken.
"They not only confiscated the file they had initially sought but took away (almost) all my files. They needed 17 boxes and one container to carry all the material, which the daily telegraph calls "the greatestarchive of investigative files of any journalist working in Brussels." Now this archive is in the hands of the Belgian police"
I heartily concur with the Telegraph's summation of the information that they have illegally taken.

"they have been pushed by the EU's anti-fraud unit (OLAF). Two years ago Olaf insinuated that I might have paid officials forthe documents I used in my articles. That's despite the fact that an Olaf spokesman admitted in aan internal; email (which I was also able to obtain) that there was no evidence to back up these "rumours"."

And take a look and see if you hear the resemblemance to what he says about the press corps in Brussels to what I was told by the Chairman of the Budgetary control Committee a couple of months ago.

"But even more importanat is the basic Brussels rule: "Don't ask, don't talk about fraud£...even most of the journalists in Brussels think like that.

The arguement for sweeping dirt under the table goes something like this: talking about fraud harms the repuitation of the European Institutions, which only furthers the cause of the eurosceptics. That's why the true believers of the European project prefer to close their eyes. They don't ealise that it is precisely this attitude that allows the sleaze to grow and gives eurosceptics even more reasons to complain about the EU."

Hans-martin decent chap he is calls himself a "committed Euro federalist". Lord this town needs more like him.

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