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Wednesday, March 24, 2004  

Grant Somaliland Independance Now.

OK, maybe not. How about, "Grant Somlailand the right to observer status at some international conference nobody cares about?". No too extreme. OK and my final offer, "Accept that Somaliland is the safest place in the region, point out that because it is safe we do not have to accept any refugees, send them home and then ignore their countries legitimate right to exist".

Today I had the pleasure of meeting the President, Foreign Minister, Finance Minister and Information Minister of Somaliland at the offices of the IGC in Brussels. A couple of interesting statements.
They claimed that their salary as Government Ministers was $190 per month.
the Forign Minister and extremely eloquent woman by the name of Edna Ismail Egal, midwife and wife ofthe former President pointed out that the mass demobilisations in that country were the only ones that have taken place without international assistance.

But best was a quote from President Riyale, in reference to the way that the world looks to the country of Somalia and its non government while ignoring the democratic government of Somaliland.
"Has there ever been in the history of mankind a time when a country that exists been held hostage by one that doesn't?"

I've been pondering that one and cannot come up with an answer.

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