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Monday, March 15, 2004  

Glorious moment

For some bizare reason I was today in the Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon, here in Brussels. The door was unlocked and swang open at the slightest push. I clambered up the marble stair topped with a great glass-domed ceiling, through an empty room to the consular section. Still nothing no sound, nobody there at all. A slightly faded pic of an African in a suit and glasses looked into the middle distance - the President no doubt.

Through into the next room. A white box, a table and three or four chairs. I plonked on a tired swivel chair to await my turn, though the room remained empty. Big mistake. The chair collapsed under my great weight sending me sprawling to the ground. At the noise of my discomfort a door opened. The solidly built consul looked round the eave, and I was greeted with a grin, a resounding laugh and,

"Welcome to Africa sir".

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