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Wednesday, March 17, 2004  

For the BBC good news is always bad.

Basra's success could boil over

"There are fears of a repeat of unrest in British-controlled Basra this year because the power grid will again be unable to cope despite a $127m (£69m) project to upgrade it.
A massive 10-month project to replace old cables and repair power plants is on course to finish successfully.

But an economic boom in the southern Iraqi town has meant an increase in the sale of electrical appliances such as fridges and air conditioning systems. "

"At the moment Basra has power around 23 hours a day which is a vast improvement compared with before the war".

Sounds like a rip roaring sucess for the guys with hard hats out there in Basra, but the BBC is predicting rioting this summer, because people have air conditioning, fridges, tv's and other consumer goods. Because there is employment, and growth. There is also greater pressure on the electricity network, so more has to be done.
Great, marvellous, brilliant.
Yes, let the locals know well in advance that extra pressure on resourceswill cause difficulties, but dammit we have hosepipe bans in Kent and we don't riot. Why should the Beeb expect the inhabitants of Basra to riot if they are kept informed? I suspect the Beeb think they are too stupid to understand the concept of supply and demand. Well at least it seems that the Beeb itself is.

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