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Tuesday, March 16, 2004  

Enjoy stuff, go on enjoy it, and tell people that you do.

Brian Micklethwaite took the floor in Brussels last nioght in the latest of the CNE's free beer free trade events to discuss a Libertarian view of culture. Happily he disposed of the anodyne and frankly dull stock lib approach. "That is it is none of my business what you enjoy, as long as the state (thus taxpayer) doesn't have to pay for it.
What he seemed to be saying was that it is important to capture the cultural ground from the statists and the way to do it is to go about telling everybody that you enjoy it. Seems a pretty reasonable approach to me. It is impossible to remove poneself from the appreciation of culture, and so in discussing it and writing about it one cannot help but mention those aspects of the human creative genius that are inherently individual and free. One aspect that he brought forward is the way in which planning restrictions and the listed building approach are in fact producing worse architecture as clients fear that a good building will be listed, thus the client will be unable to alter it to suit changed circumstances. Thus the oprder goes to the architect to build worse buildings.
Lunacy at work
In that spirit I will be writing a review of the excellent exhibition "A House of Art" at the Reubenshuis in Antwerp in the next edition of The Sprout.

Good to meet Flex Flint there.

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