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Thursday, March 18, 2004  

Could this be why the predictions for turnout in the European Elections are approximately 18%

I really do wonder why people bother with European Parliamentary elections. Now I know that some of the MEPs are decent people trying to do a decent job with a decent wage. Realy some of them are. But when the Budgetary aurthority of the EU, the Parliament's Budgetary Control Committee (COCOBU) passes the Commssion's accounts for 2002 I am saddened but hardly suprised.
After all 2002 was the year in which Marta Andreasen spilt the beans on how much fraud was going on. The Commssion's own audit body, the Court of Auditors refused to sign the accounts, but the Parliament with it's blyth indifference to finacial control, graft and corruption just signs them off as if nothing has happened. I am sure that one or two of the members made comments about how the Commssion must tighten up it's act, but unless and until the Parliament turns to them and tells them that it will not do, there will be no change.

When I interviewed Diemut Theato MEP, Chairman of that Committee, on this subject she put it in a nutshell for me. "European Parliamentarians have a duty to Europe, not just to their electors", if they attack the Commission they undermmine the project, and that will never ever do.

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