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Tuesday, February 17, 2004  

What are Auditors for?

Today in the European parliament there was a meeting of the Budgetary Affairs Committee. They were there to question a chap by the name of Fabro Valles, who is the boss of the European Court of Auditors. I paraphrase a couple of his remarks. - You must remember he speaks in Portugese and I heard it through the Parliamentary interpreter.

"We must grub out anti-institutionalism and euro-scepticism"

and in answer to the question about the links between the Court of Auditors and OLAF, the internal fraud office,

"We are supposed to meet them twice a year, but I do not remember if I was present at the last meeting".

What the blazes are we paying this charleton for? Firstly,m it is not the business of an auditor to have political opinions when it comes to fraud, for one. And secondly, he cannot remember if he has spoken to the anti-fraud office in one of the two, check that, two meetings a year that the two organisations have. I am momentaraly speechless. One MEP I spoke to after the meeting was in a narcoleptic shell shock about the meeting.

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