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Thursday, February 26, 2004  

Not hard to work out.
Just had a friend refering to Rifkind's success in Ken and Chelsea, sniffing about why it wasn't a woman or ethnic minority candidate.

Slight rant of a response

From your tone I take it that male highly experienced middle class gents are no longer to be selected by the Tory party. Fiddlesticks.
May I direct you to this page

Those who are going to win

Women 4
Non white 4
Men 24

Proportion in top two cases of over 10%

Now few in the Tory party have ever said that we would have quotas, nor should we, and it is a fact that there are no black candidates in a position to win (though this can no doubt be expleined by the fact that few black people vote tory - thus fewer join the party, fewer still are foolish enough to be activists and fewer still go for office - but we have a higher than population average ethnic minority score) Wimmin, not so sure but affected by similar concerns - ambition and the like have an affect - so does a conservative mindset anmongst the majority of women who are party members and activists).

I recall the day before the 92 election Nirj going off on one at the campaign team when it was pointed out by a supporter that he had walked 1 1/2 miles to the Tory offices and had counted 130 Labour posters 27 Lib Dem posters and only 12 Tory posters. I mentioned out a couple of points. Firstly nobody ever chucks bricks through Lib Dem and Labour windows and secondly and far more importanatly. Conservertaives are, ahem, in the main, conservative.


Misunderstanding with chum cleared up. What they meant, and naturally misinterpreted by vexatious Coyle, was that the Tories had been trumpeting inclusivity and this had rather flown in the face of the rhetoric. True but I still think that that is not the point. Lordy lord, yesterday the Tories finally selected an out lesbian as a candidate.
That being said chum was highly complimentary about yours truly so why the hell am I carping?

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