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Thursday, February 12, 2004  

Latest Scam email - Perfidious Yanks

We are teams of American coalition troops writing from Baghdad Iraq! We are urgently seeking for your willingness to secure the below consignments as shown in the attached photos! The goods were captured here in Baghdad, abandoned in one of the Saddam Hussein's Treasure House. However, the contents of the box are Gold Bars, Gold coins and huge amount of fund in the sealed boxes! At moment, we are intending to ship these goods outside Iraq for safekeeping on our behalf but due to law and restriction order, we are unable to transport these goods. We hereby seek for your assistance to receive the box on our behalf. We are offering you 25% (25 per cent) of the entire goods either in cash or in value. Therefore, we will appreciate your effort to get back to us via my confidential Internet Fax number 1-309-216-1248, which is very confidential. All correspondence and reply to this mail should be by fax. Send us a fax with your NAME, TELEPHONE NUMBER, FAX NUMBER AND CONFIDENTIAL EMAIL confirming your interest to assist us receive the consignment. Then we will immediately get back to you and furnish you with further details. Please, note, this issue must be handled with utmost confidentiality as to avoid publicity! Yours truly. Capt. STELLA ANDERSON (Team Leader) N.B: If you show absolute willingness to work with us, we will keep you fully posted on any further dictators/bullion/gold coins unearthed in palaces or small holes in the ground, and any business opportunities, which may arise from such discoveries.

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