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Sunday, February 22, 2004  

Drugs Tests at Schools

Oh I can really see this being popular in the lower 5th.
There are a number of stupidities involved in this. In order to make the concept fair, the drugs tests are to be random. Now this is daft in itself. Surely if a school is any good at its pastoral care it would be able to tell those children who are having touble with drugs. Thus those who are not having trouble will be tested to make thse who are feel better. But surely the point is not to make children feel equal, but to concentrate the rescources on those who, might, need help. Those who are taking drugs without creating diminuation in their school work are obviously not targets, while those who are unable to keep up due to these troubles are the ones who need any help going.
In the meantime, it will be teachers who have to carry the can, the extra bureaocracy, deal with the added resentment from their charges and will have to spend even less time actually teaching.

Will these drug tests become compulsory? I don't know, but they say not. Are they an extension of state control over our childrens lives, most definately. Will private schools have to institute them, no idea.
Some private schools already have drug tests - but only of those who are seriously suspectd of drug-taking.
Alan in the computor room is normally exempt.

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