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Sunday, February 22, 2004  

Commissioner backs drive to harmonise EU taxes

FT Headline - Friday 20th , what is the betting that they will be driving on the left? - No link

What is sad is that the Commissioner who is behind this is Frits Bolkestien, who we had all hoped would be a voice of reason in the college. No such luck, put a man amongst thieves and , he slowly learns their trade.

"The drive for European tax harmonisation received a boost on Friday when a senior European commissioner said an inner core of countries could soon be able to agree common rules to make their systems more transparent.The comments by Frits Bolkestein, commissioner for tax, are intended tocircumvent opposition by the UK and Ireland, which fear the creeping effect ofhis proposals on harmonising the corporate tax base."

I suppose that this could be seen as a good thing as it allows for seperate development in the EU (London as Sun City perhaps?)

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