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Tuesday, February 17, 2004  

Comedy - But with serious import
Sean Gabb found himself cuit off by Radio 4 yesterday when he challenged Yasmin Alibi-Brown nO BE to state whether she thought that he wanted to kill her. The debate had ben high spirited to say the least.

"I do not necessarily object if people want to come to this country to look for a new life. I do object if they want this at my expense - at my expense as a tax payer, and at the expense of the constitutional rights which are my birthright."

"Every so often, someone stands up and tells us what benefits we have had from diversity. Such may be, but we must also consider that part of the price has been a police state. In this country, we have severe restrictions on freedom of speech, on freedom of association and on freedom of contract - all in the name of good race relations."

"The Libertarian Alliance believes in repealing all the race relations laws and in shutting down the Commission for Racial Equality."

When Yasmin Alibhai-Brown objected that this would remove all controls on racial attacks and on discrimination, Dr Gabb replied:

"Yasmin, are you saying that the white majority in this country is so seething with hatred and discontent that it is only restrained by law from rising up and tearing all the ethnic minorities to pieces?"

Her answer was yes, though she seemed to think better of this answer immediately after. But she did not take the invitation to deny that the white population was only kept in line by criminal laws to restrain them from attacking ethnic minorities. When Dr Gabb asked if she seriously believed he wanted to murder her, his microphone was turned off and he was "released" from his engagement with 20 minutes of discussion still to run.

Ok this from Dr Gabb's own press release about the incident, and I can see the legal bean-counters at the Beeb ggetting a touch antsy about the way the conversation was going, but didn't they prove his point there and then. How long before Trevor Philips and his cohorts at the CRE charge him with inciting racial hatred?

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