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Friday, January 02, 2004  

Right now that is the vision thing clear, now to practicalities and delivery

I believe
It is natural for men and women to want wealth, health and happiness for their families and themselves
it is the duty of every politician to serve the people by removing the obstacles in the way of these ambitions.
People are most likely to be happy when they are masters of their own lives, when they are not nannied or over-governed.
That the people should be big. That the state should be small.
Red tape, bureaucracy, regulations, inspectorates, commissions, quangos, czars, units and targets came to help and protect us, but now we need protection from them. Armies of interferers don't contribute to human happiness.
That people must have every opportunity to fulfil their potential.
There is no freedom without responsibility. It is our duty to look after those who cannot help themselves.
In equality of opportunity. Injustice makes us angry.
Every parent wants their child to have a better education than they had.
Every child wants security for their parents in their old age.

I do not believe
That one persons poverty is caused by another's wealth.
That one persons ignorance is caused by another's knowledge and education.
That one persons sickness is made worse by another's health.

Importantly I believe
the British people are only happy when they are free.
That Britain should defend her freedom at any time, against all comers, however mighty.
That by good fortune, hard work, natural talent and rich diversity, these islands are home to a great people with a noble past and exciting future. I am happy to be their servant.

Now can anybody tell me what is wong with that lot?

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