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Friday, January 09, 2004  


The miniture for Europe strikes again. What is it about that dreadful man that riles me so? Could it be the inanity and crass popularism that allows him to say things like

'Voting in elections, like voting for Pop Idol or Big Brother, can actually change people's lives for the better'.

That may be gratuitous drivel, but this is, to my mind, mertitricious,

'Europe affects everyone's life every day. From improving living standards to giving us cleaner air, more jobs and greater consumer choice at higher quality and lower prices".

No mention of the poor blighters in the various industries whose lives have been made a misery and whose livelihoods sacrificed on the European altar of intolerance. No thought to the millions in the third world who have been driven to desperation by EU trade policy with the developing world.

A pox on him and all his works

posted by Eliab | 4:17 pm
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