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Tuesday, January 27, 2004  

Ireland becomes Germany's attack dog

Bertie Ahern was quoted in Monday's Irish Times from Davos (no Link),
"If people just stick totally with Nice and don't move at all, you can't do that because it's not going to be satisfactory to Germany. There's a fair amount of sympathy for the German position because they are a large country, they are a big part of the paymaster. We need to look very helpfully at the German position. I have to try and get movement from those who need to move and at the same time not try to put it in a way that forces them beyond a position they can explain to their own people and their own parliaments."

In a classic example of the phenomenum where you give a little man a uniform he becomes a petty dictator, Ireland - more especially Bertie and friends - has become an enforcer.

What he seems to be saying, and we must remember that at the time of the second Nice referendum he was arguing the that the voting system that was agreed at Nice was essential for enlargement - what he seems to be saying to Poland is, "Germany is bigger than you, Germany pays for you, you must do what Germany says". As Anthony Coughlan, the leader of the Natioanl Platform in Ireland, has pointed out

"If the EU were a single State for a European "super-nation", in which
Ireland, Poland and other member states were provinces, the population-based voting system demanded by Germany and France for an EU Constitution would make sense, for Germany's 85 million people would entitle it to greatest influence. Inside a federated EU State Germany could look forward to being joined in due time by Turkey, with its 100 million population, whose admission to the EU Germany champions. In the meantime Germany and France between them have nearly 40% of the population of an enlarged EU. That would enable them to block whatever EU laws they do not want and, with some allies, to push through whatever EU measures they do want".

All Bertie seems to want to do is to bully the Poles into accepting whatever Germany, or a combination of Germany and France want for them.

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