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Friday, December 12, 2003  

You cannot make it up

Pro democracy campaigners thrown out of Brussels.

One of the peripheral events to this weekend's IGC here in Brussels has been an attempt by a pan - European group of democracy activists. (Yes we dio get them here, sometimes it feels like Tiblisi, but sadly we don't get the numbers). However I had the good fortune to have lunch with two young referenda campaigners from the Vote 2004 camapign.
They had brought with them three trucks with a big banner riduculing Blair and his contempt for the people of Britain.
These three trucks were to drive in circles near the razor wire zone around the Council Building where our betters are carving up our future.
Well it seems from what I am told that they have been arrested and DEPORTED for having the temerity to demand democracy in Europe. It seems that they needed to get a permit a few weeks ago from the Mayor of Brussels to demand their democratic rights. Even the Lib Dem amongst them seems to be wavering in her support for the project from what I am told.


This seems to have been picked up, here, here and here.

The tragi-comedy of this is that one ofthose arrested, Mustapha Hulusi, an Anglo-Turkish student who was driving one ofthe trucks, was arrested and threatened under terrorism laws, due to the factthat he had a map of Brussels in the truck.
This from a country that refused to arrest supporters of those who blew up Massoud.

The idea of a truck driver in Brussels without a map is preposterous. I saw the maps - they were useless and showed the whol;e of central Brussels as only 2 inches across.
What is better from what I hear the police picked up the three vans and discovering that Iain Hollingshead was not with them spoke to him n the phone. They asked him to go to the foyer of a named hotel so that they could come and arrest him.
He turned up.
Some terrorist.

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