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Thursday, December 04, 2003  

“Who’se that portly Italian dude, Buck?”
“Dunno Jed, pull him and frisk him, he looks dodgy”

A couple of weeks ago there was a bit of a fuss when it was discovered that the New Zealand PM was searched at Sydney airport Though amusing a far bigger gaffe of the same sort occurred at JFK in New York when the President of the European Commission suffered the same indignity. The Sprout learnt that Prodi was pulled from the queue where he was idling with his entire team. Not one of them lifted a hand to stop it happening, in fact I understand that their general response was laughter.
Just imagine somebody doing that to any serious world leader, or for that matter somebody who believes himself to be a world leader as Prodi definitely does.

The shame and embarrassment merely goes to hide the fact that the EU is lead by a non-entity, that its own projection of power is non-descript and it fails in any leadership role.

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