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Wednesday, December 03, 2003  

Tax Harmonisation is definitely what they want - and no amount of lying by Blair and his chums can deny it.

Now I must have mentioned this before and if I haven't it is just oversight. Don't ask British politicians for the truth about Europe. The people that one should ask are the Europeans themselves. Why, because they are not frightened of the ramifications of concepts such as
Ever closer Union” to which Britain sig ed up to in a fit of sovereign anmnesia (or were they lying) back before I was conscious.

Well Prodi has yet again said something to wind the nothing will come of it brigade in Whitehall.

In an interview with the Irish Times yesterday Mr ‘stupidity pact’ himself states
Taxation is a national matter in all the fields that are under national discipline but in the fields that are under European discipline, you must have a European-level decision. In this case, it's not between citizens and member-states but between citizens and the proper authority. That is, in this case, the European Union,”

Wriggle out of that, straightforward, honest and intends to do exactly what it says on the tin. “In this case, it's not between citizens and member-states but between citizens and the proper authority”.

Got that everybody, good.

Oh elsewhere in this revealing interview he comes up with a fascinating example of the contempt for democracy along the normal EU lines, get the wrong result do it again, the people who vote No are simple ignorant people etc.
A referendum is an important instrument but if we simply stop everything because of a problem in one country, we will come to a standstill

Where do I begin or end with this farce?

Oh a little aside the article claims that Prodi would like a second term and claims that this is an exclusive to the Irish Times,. Hmm where have I heard that before, Oh yes in Prodi’s interview with my very own Sprout ooo lets think in April this year

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