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Tuesday, December 23, 2003  

Once more unto the breach.
How many hours in the day does Lord Haskins have?

Lord Haskins, Labour peer and crony in chief, Non-Exec Chairman of Northern Foods, former Head of the pointless Better Regulations Taskforce, HMGs Countryside Czar and all round quango junky has got himself another government sponsored job. This time as the front man for the Yes4Yorkshire campaign. This campaign, for a elected regional government for the Yorkshire region is going to be launched in a squib of publicity in January, according to the Campaign for the English Regions.
Haskins has come under fire from all angles for his various jobs – as the owner of supermarkets, he prescribed cheaper farm gate prices for farmers as a way out of their difficulties. Interestingly he auditioned for the job as the campaign supremo in his much disputed November 2003 report the Rural Delivery Review, where one of the little commentated upon recommendations was to transfer of the economic and social development functions of DEFRA's rural delivery agencies to the regional development agencies. This is all of course perfectly in line with the European policy of regionalisation... Who knows, Haskins for Commissioner?

That alone is not what gets my goat – and this is just a particularly pedantic little blather on my part, the announcement on the CEPR’s ebulletin (their website hasn’t been updated since July- so no link) says it like this
The Campaign will be launching its Yes Campaign in the New Year with a series of press events around the region. Chris Haskins will be fronting the Yes Campaign

Bleeecchh, I hate the false chummy man of the people tone of this piece of drivel, Chris Haskins, Chris for pitys sake. Oh, don’t call me sir, my man, as Tony Benn once said. The false humility is supposed to make us think that he is like you and me, balderdash

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