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Wednesday, December 17, 2003  

Lines written by my father in law to his granddaughter

Not Ready yet

Baba, please…get down,
careful now. You’ll slip:
the rocks are wet, stop
frightening me, I’m too
old to climb and carry you,
baba, let’s walk the sands,
reach home for tea,…but
I forget, you’re not ready yet
to run beside the sea

There’s a mushroom, look,
where the cattle eat, no,
don’t chase the sheep, they
soon have lambs, babes like
you were once, yes, I’ll close
the gate, show you where the
Vikings lived, sure, long, long
ago, they worked the land,
like Euan does today, no, they
hadn’t tractors then but gathered
mushrooms just the same, like
you and me

No, not that, we call them
toadstools, give you tummy
ache, toads…? sort of frogs,
a stool’s a chair without a
back, and that? That’s a
cowpat so wipe your boot, we’ll wash
it later in the sea and watch
the seals watch us, listen to your
singing with the wind… well,
later anyway, for I do hurry
things, forget you’re not ready
yet, have no name to be, baba,
how times flee, so hurry now
…run with me, I hear the dusk
calling on the tide, the gulls’
mad scream, no I’m not ready
yet to flee, for baba, we’ve much
to do, you and me

0945 hrs 07.xi.03
Isle of Tiree
(Envoy to a newborn grandchild born on St Bertille’s day 06.xi.03 11.45hrs)

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