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Wednesday, December 17, 2003  

Like a dog returning to vomit

Pity poor Gisella Stuart, Having done her masters bidding by trashing the Constitution she now feels the danger of being the Baptist, and seems to fear the results. In todays Guardian she desperately tries to avoid charges of Eurosceptism that have been brought about by her Fabian society pamphlet.

Despite a headline reading...
We have to tear it up and start again
The constitution would have been a disaster - and I helped to write it!

She is of course not a "sterile Europhobe" like the Tories, Oh no never, she is a principled realist like, ahem most Tories. Her semantic knots are a delight to read.
There are many paths to heaven Gisella, welcome aboad, even if you do not approve of your fellow passangers, we are delighted to welcome you.

If this is not a restating of Tory European policy, could somebody tell me what it is please.

"The cold war model of Europe has had its day. The options include a European Union with a more overtly federal and democratic structure, and one that has a far less comprehensive political and economic agenda, with much of the existing authority of Brussels returned to the member states.

The debate has to go beyond the political elite. Now is the time to start it". -Emphasis mine, hat tip Brothers Judd

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