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Thursday, December 18, 2003  

Hold your horses
Surely the coverage last night that should have execised Samizdatas was not the stat showing the British mob in one of its moments of moral certainty, but more the way in which it was made clear, on the BEEB at least what the next step should be.
For what seemed like the entire broadcast was concentrating on the various charges that had been brought against Huntley before the Soham murders. The distinct impression that I recived from this coverage was that it hsould be the case that in the future a mere charge or accusation of either child abuse, rape or whatever should make one unfit for many jobs. The possibilities for further state intrusion in peoples lives are horrific, not even the possibility for malicious accusation.
The idea of inncent until proven guilty further driven into the dust.

My father in law has recently given up his greatest love, that of active inviolvement in cricket. He is a qualified umpire, and once or twice a year, to help out, he has umpired in school matches. Due to this he was forced to fill in one of those police check forms. This he refused to do as he felt in his own way was a direct rebuke for a former politics lecturer and town councillor.

The problem flagged up by my wife as she raged at the TV was neatly surmised thus.

So how about newsagents, and chip shop workers, those people who work in Macdonalds, surely they too have contact , regular contact with children. Surely they too must be on the database, dammit how about parents, why are you not on the register, why shouldn't the state have the right to check before the birth of opur child that you, and I have no accusations on our record...(Ok I made up the last bit, but you get the point).


You Gov have just sent through a poll asking these same questions, I do not know who has commissioned it, probably a Sunday paper, no doubt the Screws to bolster their Sarah's Law, all peadophiles - convicted or not should be gassed approach to th elaw - we will see the results, but don't go hoping for one in line with civil liberties.

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