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Monday, November 17, 2003  

That OLAF story in full

Yes, OK, this is a small case of blowing my own trumpet. For veteran Euro watchers there has been in the last week a plethora of stories concerning the future of the EU's chief fraudbuster one Franz-Hermann Brüner. Last week the Stern ran a piece "The hunter becomes the hunted" in which it is strongly suggested that this fellows time maybe nearly up. He had been employed to clear out the Augean stables of EU corruption, and while he has been quite good at chasing the little guy he is reticent over chasing the big guys (See Eurostat, Belgian Minister Jos Chabert etc).
What rile sme slightly is that my own little organ - The Sprout had this story as its cover story on the 1st November, the Stern carried it on the 11th, EUObserver carried it on the 14th the Sunday Telegraph followed up on the 16th and now I understand that Le Liberation will be carrying it tommorrow.

Good, says I: about time too, says I, but wouldn't it be nice if these large news organisations would give a little credit where credit is due and name the original scource of the story as The Sprout?

That being said, if any of you fine people would like to know what the other Euro papers will be talking about next month, you could do worse than subscribe to my little journal and ensure that it and the stories it produces are kept alive.

OK. End of rant.

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