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Thursday, November 13, 2003  

Soomaalilaand the Brave

Freedom to this little enclave. This weekend, something rather marvellous happened. The British Ambassador to Ethiopia visited the free-trading, multi party democracy, moderate muslim and all round decent English speaking nbon country. The resaon, well I will let a friend tell you..
"By the way a delegation headed by the Ambassador of Britain in Addis-Ababa are here in Hargeisa to participate in the memorial day with the Somaliland Scouts and members of the first and Second battalion. This is a step forward as it's the first time in history such participation takes place in Somaliland. I feel that we are a member of the Commonwealth countries as we share to pay tribute to this memorable day".

This fellow who is an advisor to the elected President of Somalialand regards himself and his proto-country as an African muslim part ofthe Anglosphere.

The Somaliland Scouts were formed in 1943, two battallions of which served with the British and Indian forces in Burma and elsewhere. Its predecessors were the Somali camel Corps which fought the Italian invasion of British Somaliland and later, with the help of the Kings African Rifles turfed them out.
The importanat thing about this is that this small ceremony infront of the remaining veterans was accompanied by n agreement from the Ambassador to help these old African veterans. It also was the first time that their has been even the slightest recognition of this brave and hopeful country.
Only a straw in the wind, but I hope the first of many

posted by Eliab | 9:55 pm
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