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Sunday, November 23, 2003  

Prodi's Dream

A week or so ago Prodi produced a document of cringemaking vacuity called,

Here is its prologue

“United, we can propose a strong political project, we can restore the
confidence of those who are worried about the major changes in
today’s world, we can engender international action with a human face.
United, we can offer a new response to the crisis of politics and

Europe is a dream, and Europe is a design.
It is a dream of a world that is freer, fairer and more united.
It is the design we want to carry through in practice day by day.
Conscious of our history, we can look at the world in a spirit of openness, and
aspire once again to take a leading role.
For Europe the time to make choices has come.

I will be going through it closely in the next couple of days, I suspect it will not be apretty sight.

posted by Eliab | 11:19 pm
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