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Monday, November 17, 2003  

Government gears up to ban conversation

Other than the fact that I am continually concerned when HMG or the EU or the WHO or anyone for that matter starts banning stuff. BUt this one takes the biscuit.
While banning people from using their mobiles in cars and fining them 30 knicker for doing so, no doubt confiscating the offending item and competing with the muggers and other assorted toerags in the second hand/resale market it seems this doesn't go far enough.

The BBC points out that
"But many psychologists say it is the conversation, rather than the act of using a phone, which distracts drivers.

Brake wants the government to make the use of hands-free phones by drivers an offence as well

So conversation in the car will be banned.
Those cries of "Are we nearly there yet", and "Well if you only asked for directions" are a danger to life and limb.

So I expect to see another piece of state techno-gizmoidal wizardry in our cars. First a government Sat nav, then a tachograph to make sure we are not speeding and now a bugging device to ensure we are not talking to each other as well.

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