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Wednesday, November 26, 2003  

Blowing a fuse

Now they want the Navy. In the European parliament yersterday an amendment was passed that passeth all understanding.
Josu Ortuondo MEP, a Basque Nationalist has managed to get an amendment passed in Committee that would have all EU nationaly based ships fly the European flag.

"There has been a debate on the proposal to create a single European shipping register but there was clear opposition within certain member states that fear the loss of identity. Within this context I propose maintaining the registration of ships at Member State level but including the twelve star EU symbol on the flag of ships registered with EU Member States. This would be a powerful symbol, displaying across the world the existence of a European Union set to approve a Constitutional Treaty and adopt its own legal personality."

Next year the Parliament as a whole will vote on the issue, and then it will be up to the Council of Ministers to veto it. This is unlikely to happen as all are desperately trying to pretend that they are friends afdter the debacle of the Constitution and the Stability and Growth pact.

The results of this pointless piece of harmonisation are no doubt as follows.

Another sector ofthe public alienated from the dream. Massive disobedience from the Maritime community (both civil and military) and the criminalisation of thousands more law abiding folk.
Will somebody please stop them?

posted by Eliab | 4:43 pm
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