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Monday, October 06, 2003  

Eurostat has them rattled...

The quantity of information regarding Eurostat and the related scandals
So far Commssioners
and Likkanen,
have all been implicated in the trouble. To deal with this a missive has been sent by the Lord Chief Pooba of the EU's oppress officers, a languid Finn named Reijo Kemppinen.

Dear all,
starting from Monday, all questions from all journalists concerning the Eurostat affair - both inside and outside the pressroom - must be forwarded to me. If and when questions are put to other spokespeople, or staff in the services of the Commission, they should be forwarded to me either by e-mail or by phone. I would ask everyone to take as detailed note as possible of the questions before forwarding it to my attention. I
will not take any questions by mobile phone.

I would also ask all cabinets and spokespeople to consult me on individual interview bids and all other media-relevant events relating to this case before agreeing to any action in this respect.

What is charming is how the note goes on.

I apologise for the late hour, but I would ask you to see to it that my phone will be connected from Monday morning to a recording device.
Reijo Kemppinen

I guess it seems pretty sensible to have the Commissions Porte Parole (Press Service) singing from the same song sheet but it show the panic that has set in at the highest levels.

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