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Friday, September 26, 2003  

This is rich
Pedro Sobles, the man who denies responsibility for the 'vast enterprise of looting' going on in Eurostat pontificates about France's budget difficulties. Get the beam out of your own eyes Pedro.

The draft Budget for 2004 presented today by the French government projects a general government deficit of 3.6% of GDP in 2004. This suggests that France will have a deficit higher than the Treaty reference value of 3% of GDP for a third consecutive year. The Commission will give its final opinion only after a full and thorough assessment of the budget figures. But on the basis of the Finance Law presented today, French budget plans would not be in line with what was recommended by the Ecofin Council last June.

If no new measures are announced before the expiry of the deadline of 3 October 2003, set by the Council in June, the Commission will in line with the Treaty activate the next steps of the excessive deficit procedure during the month of October.

Funnily enouygh the man in the eye of the storm about his own department has nothing to say, whatsoever about the Eurostat case, he is refusing calls and hiding from journalists. But will break cover to have a go at France...I suppose his heart is in the right place then.

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