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Wednesday, September 17, 2003  

Polly Dingbats again

Poor petty Polly, the bruised thing is smarting about the Swedes in today's Guardian. Why is it that when we let people vote on issues pertaining to Europe these days they give us the finger. Well it seems she is suggesting that the pro-euro crew take up cudgels on behalf of serious reform, do away with the CAP forget the constitution et al. Er... Polly that makes you a Eurosceptic from where I am standing. You are like the Irishman who famously states that to get to A , "I wouldn't start from here". But the whole point is that we are here not where you would like to be. So you are asking those that support the whole corrupt mass to go against their deepest feelings.
when the euro economy booms, when the CAP is dead, when Europe has a proper leader and a political sense of direction. It may be a little time yet.
When hell has frozen over more like, when hell has frozen over.

posted by Eliab | 6:19 pm
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