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Thursday, September 18, 2003  

Get off my fags

According to an interview today on EUpolitix, it seems that the EU could bring in a smoking ban across Europe.

The Irish Commissioner for meddling in public health and assorted other areas not only wants tio introduvce a smoking ban in all public places throughout the continent but he also wants to sure workplaces that fail to do so.

“My officials are working… to try and see in what way we can bring forward policy that is directed at this problem”.

“We are working... on this and I would hope that will lead to the drafting of legislation. There are clear legal issues here that those of us in public life as law makers, or in my case a law drafter, must address. And there might ultimately be legal exposure for employers in circumstances where workers have been exposed to this risk,” he said.

And asked if he was ready to take on café culture in continental cities such as Brussels or Paris, the commissioner insisted debate “is not just desirable but necessary”.

“I know that traditions and cultures differ. One must always be sensitive to respecting different cultural traditions and I always seek to try and do that when I’m contemplating policies and bringing forward objectives,” he said.

“But when you are dealing with something fundamental, like health, you have to try and see to what extent you can change opinion.”

So that's it then. The Commission looks, sees and decides that opposition, be it cultural or political is of no worth at all. People's freedom to do themselves in is steamrollered away by the politically correct attitudes of those set in power above us. Words such as subsidiarirty mean nothing to the Gaulatiers of Europe.

posted by Eliab | 3:27 pm
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