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Thursday, September 25, 2003  

The Eurostat report

I have in my grubby mits a copy of the Jules Muis report into the Eurostat case. This report was released last night into the hands of about 15 people who were sworn to absurdity as soon as it saw the light of night. The MEPs who were allowed to see it were escorted to a room, where they were frisked before entry to ensure they were not carrying any form of recording device - stubs of pencils included.

Of course half an hour later a copy of the report miraculously arrived on my fax machine. Even when they are paranoid about security it seems they are crap. Anyhow here goes for your exclusive preview of this document
Yes I know that most of you will have seen news reports about this but, hey no journo has got the whole report out yet, and my magazine The Sprout first carried articles about this case last November, so a bit of trumpet blowing is fine by me.

Anyhow here goes...and this might well go on at length. (And this bit is verbatum)


Existence of a conflict of interests on the part of the Director General of DG EUROSTAT
The DG was one of the founders of Eurocost. He was president for the first year. It received grants from Eurostat between 1989 and 1999.

Existence of twofold and threefold financing in connection with certain contracts concluded between the Commission and Eurocost.
However the amounts could not be determined since Eurocost refused Eurostats auditors access to its accounts
This was possible because Eurocosts accounts were falsified.
Since the European Commission had decided to cease making grants to Eurocost in 2000 (it) went into liquidation.
The Director General of DG Eurostat thus took part in a transaction between the DG for which he was responsible and EUROCOST, in which he had played a leading role. This transaction was, moreover, not to Eurostats benefit.

The Director General of EUROSTAT could not have been unaware of the many irregularities detected that harmed the European Commission in its relations with Eurocost. Apart from the fact that these irregularities extended over several years, it should be born in mind that the Director General of Eurocost excercised responsibilities both within his Directorate General and within EUROCOST.


2. Findings of the investigation
The investigation revealed that:
1. EUROGRAMME had indeed provided false information concerning its finacial resources for the finacial years 95, 96, 97.
facts that could constitute criminal offences. Proceedings are under way


On 19th March 2003 OLAF (EU investigators) sent to the Paris Public Prosecutor information about facts which could constitute criminal offences. (See The Sprout Dec 02)


I could go on, it does for another 20 pages.

The basic facts are that the head of the EU stats office (EUROSTAT) a chap by the name of Yves Franchet, and his sidekick Daniel Byk have been nabbed with their hands in the till. Eurocost, Planistat, Eurogramme, Datashops and CESD are all firms with contracts with EUROSTAT.

Evidence is now coming to light – see next months Sprout – that shows that Neil Kinnock lied top Parliament when he denied knowledge iof the affair. Romano Prodi’s chief civil servant also lied to Parliament over the affair. The Commissioner directly responsible for the running of the riddled organisation at the heart of the scandal announced to Parliament that ‘Because I know nothing I cannot be to blame’.

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