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Saturday, September 27, 2003  

Daniel Cohen-Bandit ignores reality - again
Danny the red is one of the few true stars in the European Parliament. Famous for his thuggish involvement in the Paris riots of the 60's.
He is now demanding that the European Parliament and thus the EU break off relations with Turkey over Turkeys supposed mnistreatment of Kurdish parliamentarians of the of the banned Democracy Party. ( banned due to links with Ocelan's PKK organisation).

However at a Parliamnetary hearing he refgused to listen to their own laywer Yusuf Alatas, who pleaded with MEPs not to berak off relations. As the layweer tried to pont out to the bone haeded dogmatist and child pornographer Cohen Bandit, "
"We do not support this view, the exclusion of Turkey may harm democratization efforts in the country," stated Alatas.

"We are in favor of promoting relations," he added.

Have an idea and stick to it Danny, please don't trouble you pretty little head with the facts now will you?

posted by Eliab | 11:40 am
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