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Sunday, August 03, 2003  

What next? - Fridge cameras to check out calorie intake?
As I looked at the observer this morning a cold chill went over me. No I really couldn’t care if some chap whom Blair likes is or isn’t going to be head of MI6, important though this no doubt is. No it was the second lead titled

Black box in car to trap speed drivers

Check this for an opening line.

”Drivers face automatic speeding fines without being caught by the police or roadside cameras under a proposal being studied by the Government to fit all cars with satellite tracking devices for road tolls”.

Now I don’t even drive, but this just put the willies up me
“But transport experts believe the equipment will pave the way for 24-hour monitoring of drivers to see if they break the speed limit. It could also be used to determine whether drivers were speeding before an accident”.
The Government is backing trials of an advanced system which would tell the black box when it entered a speed limit and prevent the vehicle going faster. The equipment could also find drivers who have not paid vehicle duty or insurance".

Of course those freedom despising IPPR types are sanguine in their response
'It [the equipment] probably will be used for speeding,' said Tony Grayling, associate director of the centre-left Institute for Public Policy Research think-tank. 'It's an offence to break the limit and it's appropriate that evidence is generated to demonstrate the law has been broken.'
What is astonishing is the supine response from motoring organisation. Ok so some chap called Edmund King asks the question, “do we in this society want all our movements to be monitored 24 hours a day?” But then suggested that the best thing would be fro the government ‘should promote benefits of the black boxes to win support’ and suggested that “In some areas, being able to track vehicles could have very positive consequences”.

Please point out the positive consequences!

What is worse about these pestilent things is that they can of course be set up to stop any body from breaching the speed limit, restricting overtaking etc and thus lead to greater congestion, but they could be used like tachographs top implicate drivers, thus one’s own property could then become the witness for the prosecution. So now it seems the state will to all intents and purposes own our cars. After judges decided that the state owned our children, (even against the child’s own wishes) last week over injections.

I weep for my country.

A final comment from Germany - which makes the little boxes
Leading German motoring journalist Wolfgang König believes the lorry toll is a Trojan horse for all vehicles - for tolling and speeding. 'Speeders could be easily identified and electronically charged. Any place, any time,' König said last week.

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