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Tuesday, August 05, 2003  

What the Blazes!

I had to take a couple of deep breaths before I started to write this. Very deep breaths. The Ministry of Constitutional Affairs in Her Majesties Government, that is currently headed up by the Cronies Crony, Charlie Lord Falconer has decided in its wisdom that it should be possible for a future UK referendum on whether or not Britain should join the Euro to include the votes of the 750,000 EU nationals that currently reside in Britain. Falconer we must remember was responsible for the crass and revealing statement at the opening of the Millennium Dome of New Labours Disrealian two nations, “VIP’s and normal people”.
This Charlie has now taken the biscuit with this suggestion.

Now I have a sympathy with the notion that those who pay taxes should get the vote, thus if EU citizens live and pay taxes to the Exchequer in the UK then they should be able to have the vote in all elections. But referenda are different. They are different in that they are to all intents and purposes irreversible. Whereas the glory of representative government is that Governments are properly disposable.

This act on the part of the unelected, fatuous and vaguely comical Charlie is so fantastical that it seems like fiction. I found myself checking the date of the paper to persuade myself that it was august and not April. The Philosophical Cowboy has already pointed out the similarity of this to Andrew Roberts’s Aachen memorandum,

But I feel that he has missed a very important point. That is if as he suggests the difference between yes and no is under the amount of non-UK citizens and it is a binding referendum, then the people of Britain would, I believe, react quite badly towards a government that foisted an unwanted change onto the people of Britain in this way. The government would have set it’s face against Britain in such a way that it could never recover. There is no way that moving to the Euro on the sayso of what are undoubted foreigners would be regarded as legitimate, even amongst those who themselves voted yes. It would be fatal, and therefore it would, to a sane government be impossible.

But sadly I also believe that this government misunderstands the country which they so high-handedly govern. This misunderstanding of the nation was most obvious over the fiasco o the lying in state of HM the Queen Mother. There is no sign that they have learnt from that experience, so The ‘Lord Chancellor’ will no doubt carry on with this proposal, strewing discord and antipathy wherever he goes.

What will be fun is when various ministers start their much vaunted Constitutional progress around the country. I believe McShane (see earlier postings) will have a warm reception at each and everyone of his 100 stop UK tour.

That is if “Normal” people are allowed in.

posted by Eliab | 12:45 pm
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