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Saturday, August 23, 2003  

Public Services and soap dodgers
A little tale of the wonderful French health service

My father lives in France and is ill. Thus has to go hospital for a week or so. A month back he did this before. He had the op and was left attached to a bank of monitors alonmgside 51 other patients. The nurses spend there time in a control room watching the screens for flatlines. After couple of days recuperation he asked if he could use the shower, no problem came the response from the cardiologist.. Consternation in the control room. There are 2 baths and one shower for 51 people. However no patient had ever asked to wash before, so the three rooms were store cupboards. After half an hours’ work the shower was freed for use. Great thought father, human again.

When he asked the next day his request was greeted with a polite but stone faced refusal, the storeroom was back in operation.

So this morning I went to the shop in a little town called Frevent to get him supplies for the next weeks sojourn under the knife. And was startled to find Veet. Veet is a deodorant that proudly states –VEET DEODORANT - LASTS THREE DAYS.

Never have my prejudices about the French received such a fillip.

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