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Friday, August 29, 2003  

Liddle gives it both barrels

Rod Liddle talks gently to Tony Blair in this weeks Speccy.

"But we ought to remember that the government did not ‘run into’ Hutton, as if Hutton were an iceberg encountered through the wildest stroke of misfortune on a transatlantic voyage. I don’t think that the government could claim for Hutton on its insurance forms; Hutton was not an act of God. The government brought Lord Hutton’s inquiry into being directly, through its own actions".

or how about this,

"And the things which have brought about this situation — culminating the Hutton inquiry — were not rare examples of a lapse in judgment, which we might be inclined to forgive, if not forget, but are instead emblematic of the long-term traits of this regime: lying, dissembling, and the orchestrated smearing and vilifying of people who have objected to the lying and dissembling".

As a final crescendo

"Mr Blair memorably announced, on the eve of the Good Friday Agreement, that he could feel the hand of history upon his shoulder. Yeah, well, the hand’s come back again, Tone. And this time it’s pointing out of the door".

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