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Wednesday, August 20, 2003  

Issues Close to the Heart

This little item on the Pumpkin Publog set me thinking.

The lock-in is in danger.
The licencing White Paper, with its attendent all night drinking will relegate the after hours boozer to the dumper of regulation and bouncers. I say this because of late I have become acquainted with a few lock-in pubs and have to sadly report that yes, half the fun is getting away with it.

You see I am all in favour of opening up licencing hours to all and sundry. Personally I favour twelve hour licences , but any twelve hours at the discretion of the landlord, with certain caveats depending on local clientel. But Peter Baran has a point. If life is about enjoyment, and to a certain degree, then there is a baby of enjoyment to be lost as the bathwater of regulation gets flushed.

I remember in a fine little pub in Kingston St Micheal in Wiltshire called the Jolly Huntsman. Standing there with my father and stepmother and a couple opf friends over from Iowa at ten to one in the morning.
"So what do the local police say about opening this late"came the innocent question from our American friend.
"I'll have a pint came the growled answer from behind her shoulder.

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