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Sunday, August 10, 2003  

Interesting News from Estonia,
a friend David Wilkinson who is working for a no vote in the Estonia EU vote reports.

Yesterday, Centre Party (Estonia's largest party) voted that party policy should be NO to the EU. UKVE (Research Centre Free Europe) has been working closely with Centre Party.

Just thought you would want to know as this was real life voters. You may have seen results of a government show-poll that indicated a reverse in our fortunes.

A very disappointed British emabssy bod and the Irish ambassador and the Hungarian were sat just behind me in the guests section when the result was announced. All these are funding yes propaganda events. Next day (today, Sunday) such an event was reduced to chaos by our people (Martin Helme, Arne Otter, Viivika Leppik and that crew). They turned the microphones off because the questions were having such an effect. Arne had about his person a megaphone in the way that Arne sometimes does. Our people continued to ask the minister the question. The response was to turn up the PA system playing music very loud indeed and pack up and go.

Tomorrow the Swedish emabassy is funding the eurobus. The Swedes are our favourite victims so P?rnu shuld be fun tomorrow.

David Wilkinson

Please note a couple ofthings, First the dodgy use of Govt statistics by the govt in favour of Estonian joining Europe.

And the refusal of the highly funded yes campaign to engage with teh population other than in pre-packaged bite sized pieces.

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