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Wednesday, July 16, 2003  

What are they for?

Ladies and gentlemen, dear reader,
Let me introduce to you possibly the most irrelavent organisation in the history of beaurocracy.

I give you EESC (or more fulsomely The European Economic and Social Committee)

I kid you not this organisation, kindly funded by the unknowing taxpayer is currently keeping the seats in the European parliament warm while the MEPs themselves are warming themselves on the beaches of the world.

So what is it? I quote from the Introduction of the Italian Presidency priorites document,
"The EESC is organised civil society's institutional forum for consultation, representation information and expression, enabling representatives of Member States' economic social and civic organisations toplay an integral part in the process of shaping policy and decisions at a Community level."

Still no wiser?
There is more
"The Committe fulfills its brief mainly by issueing three types of opinions: opinions on referral, own-initiative opinions and exploratory opinions"

Still no wiser?
OK," The Committee uses its explanatory opinions to take a stance on current issues and on the outlook for Community policy development"

Well I have just been refused entry to their deliberations so I have taken a look at the agenda, gentle taxpayer, this is what you are paying for, and if you are a biker be afraid,

Two-wheeled motor vehichles - hand-holds (codified version)
Two wheeled motor vehichles - stands (codified version)
Rates of excise Duty/tobacco - prolongation for Corsica
Finacing consumer activities
Common market -pigmeat

And who are these people. I beg of you to go to this list here and take a look. Cripes, if that is what the UK is sending then Lord help us. Ken Jackson, Alison Shephard (vice chair of Unison), the GMB and some bizare fellow who claims to be a consultant to the Gin and Vodka Association.

Sorry about the length of this but I feel it is important to let you know what is happening in your name

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