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Friday, July 11, 2003  

Voices from on High

I met God in the lift yesterday. He had just come down to earth after getting the Constitution signed by the captive idiots who believe themselves to be the heirs of Jefferson. Even the Tory, David Heathcote-Amory signed the thing (though he did put brackets after his name pointing out that he was meaning to sign the Minority report). Discard the Stain was feeling very affable and was surrounded by beaming flunkies. I asked him if he thought that the Convention was going to be altered at all during the ratification process.
V Gd'E "No, nothing will change."
GT -Even at the IGC (Intergovernmental Conference)?
V Gd'E"No nothing will change"
Even if Germany or France want to make small changes?
V Gd'E"No nothing will change"
V Gd'E(And here I must paraphrase the word of God). Because all the Heads of Government will realise that if they make one alteration to suit them then everybody else will want to alter it, thus changing it entirely. "If one country pulls a string this way, and another pulls a string that way (make gallic hand gestures here) then you will get, you will get..."
A cats cradle.
V Gd'E"Yes a cats cradle, and that would be the worst thing for the future of Europe"
So that's it then no alterations.
V Gd'E "Nothing will change"

At this point I left the precence of God as the lift had made it's way to the third floor where I alighted and went to the bar.

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