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Thursday, July 03, 2003  

Update on the Silvio affair

Talking to some socialist Germans last night. They told me a couple of things.

Firstly, Schulz has ambitions to be leader of the Socialist group in the Parliament, but he has to get the German SPD nomination tied up. For the first time in his life he is well known so this will help his campaign no end.

Second, Belesconi's use of the word Kapo, was inspired as it refferes specifically to the, normally common criminal, prisoner that would enjoy the work of camp guard. Berlesconui suprised themn with the sublety of his insult. (My informants actually thought that he was on the button about Schulz, but they couldn't possibly say so).

Apart from that most neutral, ok biased observers regarded his description, general of MEPs as "political tourists" was bang on.
During his peach he was seen to be making notes of all the names of the ingrates who were disrupting his speech. The speech itself was one of the better bits of euro waffle that has been heard in that sorry building, cvoncentrating as it did on the building up oif military capacity inthe Nation States, dealing with mass immigration and a drive to lower taxation and increase the ability of businesses to trade.

He nailed one Monica Frassoni (an Italian Green) who had waffled on about his lack of an Environmental agenda. His response - amnd I paraphrase "Sine you and your lot banned me from hunting, my environmental interests are restricted to digging weeds ferom my own garden".

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