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Wednesday, July 23, 2003  

Standard Operating Procedure – the Gilligan approach.

Overheard gossip in the Marquess of Granby – Westminster
Standing outside the pub a young BBC World journalist (former Lib Dem staffer in the House) was describing to a bunch of Nooo Labourite hacks. (and I paraphrase due to half cut sate of mind)
“I believe the Beeb. Gilligan’s approach is famous throughout the Corporation, whenever he writes a story it is invariably over the top, so it is always sent up to the editors and it is always fact checked thoroughly but the editors, thee is no way they would have allowed him to get away with this unless they were entirely confident in his story”
This was followed with ritual protestations from the Labour types about the understood and essential good faith of the government. I almost dropped my pint.

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